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  • Electronics Development Engineer

    Electronics Development Engineer required to Design & develop specifications under guidance and carry out Electronic Circuit and...

    £30.00 to £37.00 Per Hour

  • Systems Definition Engineer

    Systems Definition Engineer required contributing to the Specification, Design and Validation of the Subsystems. Typical...

    £35.00 Per Hour

  • Systems Engineer

    Systems Engineer Stevenage 6 months (Potential ongoing) Rate Negotiable. Systems Engineers are required to work for a market...

    £35.00 to £37.00 Per Hour

  • Project Planner

    Project Planner required to deliver the following key objectives, through ownership and provision of best practice Project...

    £30.00 to £33.00 Per Hour

  • Trials and Integration Engineer

    Trials and Integration Engineer required within the system integration & proving team, working on all aspects of integration, as...

    £30.00 to £35.00 Per Hour

  • Systems Verification Engineer

    Systems Verification Engineer required to define the Test Equipment architecture, its logical design and the key design decisions...

    £35.00 Per Hour

  • Land Platform Systems Engineer

    Land Platform System Engineer required to be responsible for specific sub systems of the Ground Equipment hardware design, and...

    £35.00 Per Hour

  • Reliability Engineer

    Reliability Engineer required to perform the below tasks: Generation of Reliability Programme Plans that satisfy the requirements...

    £35.00 to £40.00 Per Hour

  • Mechanical Packaging Engineer

    Mechanical Packaging Engineer required to perform the below tasks: Carry out investigations into a full range of Mechanical...

    £25.00 to £30.00 Per Hour

  • Systems Design Engineer

    Systems Design Engineer required to work for a market leading Defence Company. You will become an integral part of a dynamic team...

    £35.00 Per Hour


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