Reducing the risk of an attack

With the move towards digital impacting the retail industry as much as, and perhaps more than, any other industry, being able to accept online payments is essential to businesses of all sizes. But if you want to offer your customers convenience − boosting your profits both nationally and internationally in the process – you need to mitigate certain risks.

When you’re dealing with financial or sensitive data, any form of security breach carries serious implications – from a damaged reputation, to a heavy fine or even bankruptcy. And with cyber crime now the second most reported economic crime, it’s an issue that companies can’t afford to ignore. 

So, what’s your defense? 

As well as having the right security professionals in place, we’d advise having a response plan firmly in place.

Responding to cyber threats 

Whatever your worth, hackers will do their best to get their hands on the data you hold. That means you need to think about where that data is stored when a transaction takes place; this will often be in the cloud. But if transactions take place on your website, some information will be stored before data transmissions take place; it’s therefore essential to ensure that all financial data is encrypted at every stage of the process, regardless of payment method.

Most people know how to spot a secure website (just look for the ‘lock’ symbol’ or ‘https://’), but to retain this status, rigorous compliance to industry standards is essential. And having the right people in place is a crucial part of the process. 

IT security experts can make life difficult for cyber criminals, detect security breaches, and ensure you remain compliant with industry standards. But these professionals are in high demand. 

Secure your future 

With a network that boasts the industry’s most experienced IT professionals, we can give you privileged access to the people who will keep your data safe, your company compliant, and your customers happy. 

To discuss your IT needs in more detail, contact your local Modis office today. 

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