The Wireless Generation

Managing multiple generations is nothing new, but with Gen Z permeating the workforce, employers have a new challenge on their hands: engaging what we’re coming to know as the ultimate ‘wireless’ generation.

Gen Z won’t remember a time when their lives weren’t filled with social networks, instant access to the internet, or smartphones. They’re used to having information readily on hand and easily digestible, and they won’t take well to having that freedom restricted. 

But when they’re joining four generations of professionals in the workplace (all with differing expectations and ways of working), how do employers get the best out of this new (and growing) segment of society?  

We’d advise drawing on their strengths…

  • Independence: Gen Z find self-teaching second-nature; with everything only a click away, they’re used to tracking down info with minimal direction. So give them space to learn and problem-solve, without micromanaging. 
  • Efficiency: Gen Z-ers hate waiting; ergo, if one method is time-consuming, they’ll find another — introducing creative solutions to a multitude of challenges. Give them the freedom to find their own way, and encourage them to share ideas and recommend improvements.
  • Worldliness: to Gen Z, the wider world has only ever been a few clicks away; with increased exposure to other countries, cultures, and ways of life, they can bring a whole new perspective to the workplace. Embrace this open-mindedness by simply asking Gen Z workers for their well-researched and highly informed opinions.  

When it comes to attracting the wireless generation, we’d also suggest taking a more relaxed stance on social media in the workplace. All-out bans can spread bad feeling amongst even Gen Y-ers, so a hard line with Gen Z is likely to leave them looking towards your competitors.

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