Are you good with numbers or come from a .NET background? Want a new job in a booming industry? You and Microsoft Dynamics could be a match made in heaven. 

What is Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics is a suite of software enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software. 

The software itself comes in many forms, with much of the demand for talent focussing on three key products: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This software is typically used for small to medium-sized enterprises but as the product has matured and become more scalable, it is now being considered for larger organisations. CRM is a tool targeted for the sales and marketing teams of organisations to manage their customer relationships, whereas AX and NAV are “back office” solutions which manages the business behind the scenes. 

The software is hugely popular for four key reasons. Firstly, it’s better value than other ERP products available on the market. It’s also easy to use, and it can be integrated easily with other Microsoft programmes. The products can take less time to implement versus its competition, although we’d always advise customers to take the time and to be as thorough as possible with ERP rollouts.

Who are the employers looking for new talent?

What you’ll quickly understand is that ERP products can be aimed at any organisation. Typically manufacturers were the UK’s largest user group but as Microsoft have developed the product, world-renowned retailers are now getting involved. While Microsoft Dynamics AX is aimed at large organisations and Microsoft Dynamics NAV at small to medium-sized businesses, both allow companies to manage key processes within the businesses, including their stock levels, manufacturing assembly lines, procurement, finances and even staff. Both software packages are particularly popular amongst businesses that deal in large and frequently changing amounts of stock, for example chain restaurants that need to track ingredients orders in vast quantities.

In contrast, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is aimed at businesses that need to track large amounts of customer or employee statistics. It can be used for tasks varying from professional football clubs tracking prospective players to companies tailoring customer advertising to past purchases. 

As more and more companies have adopted the software, the number of people with the right skills has stayed the same – leading to a candidate-driven market.

What skills do you need to succeed?

A financial, retail or manufacturing background is just the ticket for those looking to work with Microsoft Dynamics AX or NAV but a firm grasp of business and its processes is normally at the crux of being a strong contender for succeeding in a business-orientated driver software solution. Most candidates placed by Modis in Microsoft Dynamic CRM roles have a .NET background. 

It’s also worth considering training courses – but these can be expensive. Fortunately Modis is able to offer a number of candidates complementary training, thanks to a new partnership with Microsoft. You can find out more through the Modis Microsoft Dynamics team. 
Once trained, Microsoft Dynamics professionals can undertake an enormously broad amount of roles, from project or programme managers to technical or functional consultants, architects, developers, support, testers or even trainers.

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