We manage the issues of employment law, tax compliance, payroll, work visas, IDs and co-employment risk. All aspects of the economic relationship with temporary workers (such as payroll, raises, bonuses, benefits) are administered by Modis. See below for more of our compliance policies.

  • Our contracts of employment clearly define the status of the contractor, thereby eliminating any co-employment risk
  • As part of our IT & Engineering recruitment process, we request ID documents from all our contractors and, if applicable, request copies of working permits so there are no ‘Right to Work’ issues
  • The central legal department, located at our headquarters in Switzerland, is responsible for all legal aspects and control of national practices
  • Each country has legal experts who are fully versed in that country's local legislation
  • Our legal experts work closely with local our local office globally to ensure their practices are in compliance with the national legislation, covering all aspects of employment law
  • All of our global offices are audited at least once a year
  • We conduct business in full compliance with all laws and regulations. This is central to our commitment to the communities and societies we operate in.