At Modis, we make things simple. Whether that’s recruiting IT & Engineering professionals, responding to changing employment law, or keeping on top of an evolving jobs market. Because whatever the landscape, some things remain constant.

When project managers, technical engineers or Java specialists are at the top of their game, they want the best IT & Engineering jobs from the best organisations in their industry sector. Luckily for our clients, we’re clued up when it comes to attracting and retaining top industry talent. From selling your company effectively at interview and getting your employer branding spot on, to engaging your employees once they’re a part of your organisation and recruiting during challenging times, we’ve got the sort of simple, straightforward and practical advice that your business needs. No complications, just clear guidance.

To maximise the efficiency of your company’s recruitment process, to learn more about the benefits of working with a recruitment consultancy, or to explore the value of recruiting IT & Engineering contractors, read our free PDF employer guides by clicking on any one of the links below.

To access this free resource, click on any one of the guides below.

There are thousands of so-called recruitment consultancies in the UK but the market has become inundated with one and two man bands purporting to be a recruitment consultant when in fact they are merely CV factories.

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In this increasingly competitive market place, companies must learn to focus as much on their employer branding as they would the branding of their company’s products and services.

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In this guide we provide a no-nonsense list of things you need to consider in pulling together an employee engagement programme.

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