We understand that your business operates in a world that will change as much in the next 20 years as it has in the previous 200. It’s not enough to simply cope with change and go with the flow; businesses need to start adapting and preparing for the next industrial revolution, today.

We apply that frame of mind to everything we do and to our work with clients across the world.


We bring together some of the brightest technical minds in the world to perform, connect and innovate across our specialisms:

Aerospace Engineering

As our fascination with what might exist beyond our planet grows so too does the need for the right people to facilitate that. Being so specialised, most aerospace engineers concentrate on a single field of expertise, ranging from flight mechanics to aerodynamics or robotics and could cover research and planning, testing and analysis or production within a specific area.

Aerospace engineering is experiencing huge swells of growth and as such, has great demand for the right quality of candidate looking for a career in the specific engineering industry and Modis has the best people in place to make these connections for your business.

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Businesses today have an endless hunger for digital content and experts in the content management systems (CMS) that deliver it are in huge demand. We have a proven track record of placing skilled development professionals with high-profile employers across a diverse range of industries – including finance, retail, travel, health and the public sector.

Our consultants have strong relationships with some of the industry’s leading employers. We can help both candidates and clients make the right connections.

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Cloud Services

With huge advancements in AI and deep learning predicted to continue on a rapid trajectory, companies investing in the technology is at an all time high. By 2020 it is predicted over 50% of medium to large businesses will have invested heavily in new technologies. ServiceNow provides a fully integrated service management software specialising in IT Service Management (ITSM).

Modis can help identify candidates with niche skills to service this area of employment so that businesses can accelerate their development in this field of expertise.

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Cyber Security

If you are thinking of stepping in to the world of cyber security for your next career move you might be pleasantly surprised to know how thriving the current market is. Whether it's a next step or a new potential career path, there has been a recent increase in demand for permanent and contract IT security professionals.

At Modis we have the expertise to match clients to the perfect candidates, and with demand for skilled IT security professionals at an all time high there are many positions available. If you are a technical person looking for a role in cyber security, we have many positions from entry level to senior jobs covering all areas of the industry.

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Data Science, BI & Analytics

Business intelligence (BI) enables organisations to use data to improve their decision-making processes. Basically, it’s getting the right information to the right people at the right time. And it’s a booming market sector.

To be at the top of your BI game, you need to have the technology in place in your business, as well as the people who know how to us it. We can help you choose those tools and find you the best people to operate them.

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Defence Engineering

Defence engineering is an industry experiencing a rapid expansion with no sign of slowing down from an upward trajectory.

Having gone through dramatic periods of change in the past, the need for high quality engineers still applies in today's climate and talented defence engineers are still in high demand. Here at Modis we can help to accelerate your companies needs by finding ideal candidates for careers in the industry space.

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MS Dynamics

As a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provider, MS Dynamics helps businesses create end-to-end touchpoints throughout the customer journey. In a world that has become data obsessed it's vital businesses can analyse and report on the data to make informed decisions on their customers' needs. Playing such a pivotal role in many company CRM strategies means a constant need for the best talent and those with proficient skills in MS Dynamics are highly sought after candidates.

At Modis we believe in the power of connecting people; whether that's to a business or each other. We have expert knowledge of the industry and the best consultants ready to help you make that connection.

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Oracle EBS Fusion

Oracle provides enterprise cloud computing to the world, supporting businesses of all sizes as they embrace digitalisation. Oracle Cloud provides leading-edge capabilities in software, platform, infrastructure and data as a service. With 430,000 customers in 175 countries, the demand for experts in this technology is high. And with Oracle launching 12 new data centres across Asia, Europe and the Americas, as well as updates to its Internet of Things Cloud and enterprise service level agreements, the demand shows no sign of slowing.

Our experience of matching candidates with businesses in this field is unrivalled. Speak with us today about finding your perfect match.

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SAP (Systems, Applications and Products) is one of the biggest emerging industry specialist roles, with jobs at all levels constantly evolving. SAP is an IT company that specialise in developing business software such as data management programs and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

SAP is one of the biggest and highest paid areas of specialisation within the industry, with many roles available as either an SAP consultant working on a project basis or roles working directly for SAP. At Modis we have significant experience in connecting clients and candidates in the industry.

As an SAP expert, you’ll be able to work in a wide number of roles which involve advising on and installing SAP software for a range of organisations.

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Salesforce has achieved great success since its birth and is now the world's number one customer relationship (CRM) management platform.

They are showing no signs of slowing down with the release of new products such as Einstein Analytics focusing on AI. They also recently released a new Data Management Platform called Salesforce DMP and look to service companies in all sectors.

This rapid company growth inevitably will create many more jobs globally as demand will only get bigger. CEO Marc Benioff also revealed he wants to invest heavily in other hubs in Europe to ensure the Salesforce ecosystem has enough resource to service the demand properly.

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