Experts in Digital

Our highly specialist recruitment services spans all areas of digital marketing, and helps you connect with the right people

The digital realm is exploding with potential, and it’s crucial that organisations can call on high calibre staff to keep up with this ever-evolving sector. Our digital marketing recruitment team is committed to providing a specialist service tailored to your own needs – so whether you’re seeking a social media expert on a contract basis, or a permanent campaign manager for your future endeavours, we can support every aspect of your digital marketing recruitment drive.

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We recruit across professional services, media, entertainment, retail, IT and creative services, and we have unparalleled access to a pool of highly talented candidates with various niche specialisms. Our extensive network of professionals seeking digital marketing jobs is broad and expansive enough to ensure we can meet any of your needs.

Our success in matching candidates with their ideal role has seen us build strong relationships with industry giants like Sony Media, Berkley Homes, Profusion and Tag Media. We have helped these organisations forge the right connections and source the perfect candidates with a multitude of in-house roles.

Skill sets and key disciplines

Our digital marketing recruitment consultants typically source professionals from these key areas:

  • Account Management
  • PPC / SEO
  • Social Media
  • Media Management
  • Mobile development
  • Digital Design
  • Content Development
  • Campaign Management
  • Digital Productions
  • Creative Technologies

Modis Digital build networks with high-calibre digital marketing candidates so our clients can access professionals with a diverse range of skill sets and from all levels of seniority and business sectors.

To speak to a Modis expert for career advice or to discuss your next career move, get in touch today on 02070 386 463 or email us